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Adrian Casanova's 24th Birthday Bash/Celebration event is scheduled to begin at 5:00pm US Time. The public and online event will be available to join via Facebook. For now, keep up with Adrian's live updates by clicking this article. Want to know more about Adrian Casanova? Scroll down and read the brief and short biography, you can also read more by clicking on this article.
Calling all fans of Adrian Casanova, if you reside in or near Bossier City and you would like to meet Adrian in person, Adrian Casanova will be attending the Katt Williams comedy tour located at CenturyLink Center in Bossier City. this evening. To keep up with live updates, visit his Twitter page by clicking this article.
Adrian Casanova's most Weirdest music video "ALERT" featuring Michael Jackson receives an honor and #1 spot in Pop on and while also receiving over 300 views and 252 likes and counting on YouTube. Scroll down and click on the Facebook icon to read more.

Tour Dates

3rd Annual MJ Tribute

As Adrian Casanova's 3rd Annual Michael Jackson Tribute concerts series returns, the Michael Jackson Fanbase will be taken inside of his road concert series, all access live from Adrian Casanova's rehearsals up to the time of the actual concerts. Visit the "TOUR DATES" tab for ticket sales and more information this upcoming event.

Not available at this time.

There are currently no upcoming scheduled concerts available.

Not available at this time.

There are currently no upcoming scheduled concerts available.

In Stores Now!

Upcoming Events

Adrian Casanova's most previously and currently strong supported album "Michael Jackson-New Edition" will be on sale at only $5.00 on Songstall and Selz January 31st 2014 in honor of the beginning of Black History Month.
Adrian Casanova's "Billie Jean The Directors Cut" is coming to YouTube, Vimeo and Distrify January 25th 2014 as apart of Adrian's Black History Month Tribute to Michael Jackson and the MJFanbase.

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Shortly About

Singer, Composer, Entertainer and Local Philanthropist | Creator and Producer of Michael Jackson Fan Albums.
Adrian Casanova, born February 24th 1990, now a husband and a father of his son. In June of 2009, when his idol Michael Jackson passed away, Adrian found his place in pop music culture and joined the Michael Jackson Fanbase, where he was welcomed and supported by over five thousand fans of Michael Jackson and where he has contributed in numerous ways over the past four years. Adrian Casanova released two official Michael Jackson Fan albums over the past two years, one of which remains #1 Pop album and most supported and purchased album by the name of "Michael Jackson - New Edition - The Album" which still remains the most devoted and supported album by thousands of Michael Jackson fans today. By April of 2013, after creating and releasing multiple Michael Jackson projects, Adrian became recognized as the leader of the Michael Jackson Fanbase by the fans, for his years of hard work and contributions to Michael Jackson Fans and Fanbase.